Change of Ownership

Bluff Pointe Golf Course and Learning Center is under new ownership.  This golf course (formally known as Islewood) was founded in 1989 by Gary Hooper. We are one of premier practice and learning facilities in California’s Central Valley.  There is an abundance of natural landscape, scenic beauty, and wild life. The course resides on land owned by the San Joaquin River Conservancy and Ecological Preserve and is adjacent to the San Joaquin River.


The Course

The golf course at Bluff Pointe is 9 holes.  It is an executive style course, with 4 par 4 holes and 5 par 3.  Play is fun and quick.  Depending on traffic, better players will be able to finish a round in less than an hour.  The par 4’s are drivable by experienced players; ranging from 200 to 330 yards.  We are following the lead of the PGA tour which has drivable par 4’s and are inviting for the pros and liked by the public.  For juniors, all 9 holes are equipped with fun/purple tee boxes.


The Driving Range

Bluff Pointe boasts one of the best driving range facilities in the Central Valley.  The all-grass surface gives golfers the feel of a real fairway and allows one to get accustomed to taking proper divots.  The range is wide enough for dozens of golfers to practice at once.  At 250 yards deep, only the strongest hitters will have any problem keeping their balls within the hitting area. Powerful lighting allows practice at night.

Short Game Practice

Our putting green and pitch/chip areas allow concentrated short game practice. We have 7-bunkers in this area.


School Programs

Bluff Pointe hosts many schools’ golf programs for classes, practice, and tournament play.  All schools are welcome and are eligible for discounted rates.

Recent Improvements

Since taking over on April 1, 2014, Bluff Pointe’s new management has begun a series of improvements.  Following is a partial list (as of Apr 7, 2014):

Improvements Progress
Fix bad spots in the road   Done
New golf balls  Done and ongoing
Beer License  Done
Improved landscaping maintenance Started and ongoing
Improved irrigation      Done
New green surfaces     Done
Better chip/pitch/sand practice area Done


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